Why you Need to Engage a Real Estate Lawyer?

Are you considering buying a property?

Then you must have a real estate lawyer GF by your side to ensure that the property transaction goes through seamlessly.

Who is a Real Estate Lawyer?

A real estate lawyer is an expert in property matters. He is knowledgeable about the laws of the land regarding the purchase and sale of a property.

A real estate lawyer may represent the buyer or the seller in a property transaction. Generally, buyers and sellers have their own lawyers to safeguard their interests in the property deal. In case financing is involved in the property deal, the mortgage agent will have a real estate agent to represent him/her.

Why you Need a Real Estate Lawyer GF?

Many a time buyers/sellers do not think it necessary to hire a real estate lawyer. They are of the opinion that they can complete the deal on their own. Aspects of a property sale like searching for a buyer, organizing showings, negotiating, etc. can be managed independently by the seller and corresponding activities can be carried out by the buyer. Tasks such as drafting the contract and signing it etc. require the professional expertise of a real estate lawyer. This is because real estate laws are complex and difficult to understand. Also, property frauds are quite common in real estate dealings. Only an experienced lawyer can understand the nuances of real estate laws. Lawyers of buyers and sellers represent the interests of their clients and draft a contract that is fair to both parties.

A real estate lawyer helps candidates with transactions related to the purchase/sale of property or investment property. Investment properties have several tax implications. Real estate lawyers have expertise in these laws and can help their clients in ensuring tax compliance.

Sometimes a contract may need several revisions. A real estate lawyer ensures that the contract revisions are in the best interests of their clients.

Any error in the property contract can prove to be costly for the buyer/seller depending on the transaction. A real estate lawyer reviews the contract to ensure that the contract is free of all errors.

The documentation entailed in a property transaction is detailed. A buyer/seller may not be aware of the documents required for closing the deal. In case any important documents are missing, it could have severe repercussions.

Hiring a Real Estate Attorney:

Many buyers/sellers wait until the final stages of the deal to hire a lawyer. But it is recommended that you hire an attorney from the beginning to ensure that you do not commit to any unfavorable terms and conditions by the other party.

Make sure that you are clear about what you expect from your lawyer and communicate it clearly to the lawyer.

Ensure that you hire an experienced real estate lawyer who is conversant with the real estate laws in the state. Get referrals from family and friends for an attorney or you can even ask for a reference from your real estate agent.

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