What is a Law Firm?

A law firm is an organization that provides consolidated legal services to its clients. They can range from being a single attorney firm to a multi-state, multi-layered, and diversely staffed law firm. In the United States, all law firms can only be owned or managed by lawyers. They are equipped to handle all legal challenges that befall their client, as well as themselves.

There can be various types of law firms, whose organizational structure can range from:

  • Sole proprietorship: as is suggested by the name itself, solo law firms are run by singular lawyers. They are known as “solo practitioners”. While they have a varied understanding of many laws, they usually specialize in a single area. Hiring a sole proprietorship for your legal needs can reduce costs. These firms are best hired to tackle singular legal issues. They also provide more personalized care and one-on-one interaction.
  • Limited liability partnership: in this arrangement, the attorneys and owners of the firm are also partners with one another. The liability is shared but it does not extend to personal liability towards any creditor of the firm. They are also not liable for any negligence on behalf of the partner. The taxation on an LPP is done as a partnership, but it enjoyed the liability protections of a corporation.
  • Big law firms: These kinds of firms pride themselves in being “full service” firms. They employ staff for their legal, administrative, and human resources departments. These firms have large corporations on their rooster and have many teams handling varied parts of a dispute in different States. They also handle high stake cases like mergers and acquisitions, white-collar crimes, and other large-scale litigation matters. They have many areas of specialization and have dedicated departments that deal with disputes of a particular nature of law, like corporate or real estate.

It is usually dependent on the client to choose firms based on their financial capabilities and legal needs. While some firms are known for their practices in litigation or criminal defense, some firms may specialize in tax law or family law. Choosing the right firm is extremely important, as it makes all the difference between a successful outcome and life-altering punishments. To choose the right law firm for you, knowing your finances, geographical location, personal work preferences and the specific legal expertise you require is very important.

A law firm has an experienced, licensed, and trained team of advocates, that are well versed in their subject matters and can advise their clients on their rights and responsibilities. They also represent their clients in civil or criminal trials, undertake negotiations and arbitrations on their behalf and issue notices and formulate contracts. Autrey P.L.L.P is a Law firm practicing in North Dakota and Minnesota for over 30 years. We have large teams of attorneys practicing different areas of law such as military law, personal injury, bankruptcy, estates, and elder law, immigration law, family law, civil and criminal law. We are dedicated and licensed to represent your needs at the State, Federal, and Judicial Courts.