What can a Tax Lawyer do for You?

Tax laws in the US are quite complicated. And, tax evasion has severe repercussions. So, you need to ensure that you are on the right side of the law when you are filing your tax returns.

How will you navigate the complexities of tax laws and ensure that you have filed your returns correctly?

This is where a tax lawyer steps in!

Tax lawyers are knowledgeable about the different aspects of tax laws and can guide you on any tax-related issues. They have expertise in State and Federal laws regarding taxes in the US.

Tax lawyers interpret State, Federal, and International laws to provide legal advice to clients on issues related to these matters.

They ensure that you avoid tax evasion so that you adhere to the legal system. A tax lawyer also suggests ways in which you can reduce your tax liabilities.

They guide clients on all tax-related activities such as philanthropy, income, property, gifts, and more. A tax attorney assesses whether taxation is appropriate for you or not. He studies this based on factors such as your income, property owned, etc. If you are required to pay taxes, your attorney will help you in tax planning.

Tax laws change frequently. Tax lawyers are expected to update themselves on the current laws and guide their clients appropriately.

Here are some services provided by a tax lawyer:

  • Provide legal advice for all tax-related activities involved in setting up a business or restructuring one.
  • Help clients with the legalities pertaining to mergers and acquisitions.
  • Determine the taxation laws involved in partnerships.
  • Represent clients in case of administrative hearings pertaining to taxes.
  • Manage tax disputes pertaining to IRS(Internal Revenue Service).
  • Advise clients on matters of estate planning and other matters related to taxes.
  • Help clients in matters related to bankruptcy.

Tax lawyers provide the following services specifically to individuals:

  • Draft and file tax returns.
  • Represent clients in tax disputes.
  • Help clients minimize their taxes.
  • Advise clients on matters of philanthropy, gifts, and estate planning to help them reduce their taxes.
  • Retirement planning

The services provided by tax lawyers specifically for businesses include:

  • Setting up the business
  • Acquisitions.
  • In matters of international taxation
  • Mergers
  • Reorganization
  • Security Offerings
  • Employee Stock Ownership Program(ESOPs)
  • Compensation Packages for executives
  • Retirement planning
  • Fringe benefits that may fall under the purview of tax laws. Examples of such benefits are company car or club memberships, etc.

Engaging a tax lawyer is highly recommended for both individuals and businesses to help them navigate the complexities of tax laws. Autrey law firm has a team of experienced tax lawyers who provide services in tax-related matters to both individuals and businesses. Our lawyers have expert knowledge of all the state, federal, and international taxation laws.

Why Choose Tax Lawyers?

  • Offer advice on taxation
  • Help mitigate disputes with IRS
  • Help clients minimize their taxes.
  • Represent clients in front of regulatory agencies, if and when required.
  • Represent clients in court trials related to taxes.
  • Provide assistance in filing tax returns.