What can a Family Law Attorney do for you?

The term “family law” relates to the specific area of law that addresses all legal issues involving a family. This includes domestic violence, divorce, adoption, marriage, child custody, and support. Going through a family problem is stressful and usually plays with emotions. For such reasons, the accused need to hire a family law attorney who can give you the right guidance and help throughout the proceedings.

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Below are a few areas that fall under the expertise of the family law attorneys:

Divorce cases are very common for family law attorneys. In the majority of the cases, the attorney assists couples for settlement on a variety of issues, or they can terminate their marriage. The major issues involved in divorce cases are a division of assets, custody rights, child support, and executing prenuptial/post-nuptial agreements.

Alimony and Spousal support

One of the primary issues in divorce cases is the alimony and spousal support. Traditionally, alimony is paid by a husband to his former wife; however, there have been certain changes to the laws governing alimony payments. In the majority of the states, the amount is left to the judge’s discretion. One of the considerable factors is the length of the marriage. Also, the financial ability of the parents is considered by the court to reach the best decision.

Pre and Post-nuptial agreements

A pre-nuptial agreement is a deal between two people on the terms of managing finances before their marriage ends. Whereas, the post-nuptial agreement executed after the couple gets married and is meant to settle the couple’s affairs and assets in the case of divorce. In both cases, the parties should be represented by separate counsel.

Children related issues

Family law attorneys play a significant role in handling the issues related to the children’s wellbeing. These concerns arise from the separation or divorce of the couple. Whether it is about child custody or child support, the family law attorney can assist the troubled or abused children well. Also, the attorney represents the children who are implicated in juvenile law for any kind of serious offense or misdemeanor.

If there are children involved in divorce cases, the proceedings expect to drag for a longer period. In the abuse and neglect proceedings, legal guardianship and child visitation rights may be withheld from one or both parents.

Considering the complexities of the legal separation proceedings, it is essential for the accused to hire a family law attorney.

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