What are the Immigration Rules for Entry to the USA?

People from all over the world go to the USA for education, jobs, and to acquire a better lifestyle. You should know all the rules and regulations to follow as an immigrant. Any mistake, even if unknowingly, can pose serious problems. After entering the USA, a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent will inspect you. They will stamp your passport with an admission date, expiration date, and class of admission, B-2 for tourists, H-1B for H-1B workers, and enter your details in the database. 

The rules you should follow for entry to the USA.

After the CBP agent completes their job, check your status expiration date before leaving the admission port. It is the best time to correct a mistake if you encounter any. Let us look at some other things to consider:

  • Expiration status of your passport 

There are various visa categories, each having a different expiration date. One rule is common among admission through all visas. That is, the government of the USA will not allow entry of any immigrant inside the country beyond the expiration date of the passport. Never neglect the date when your admission period ends and renew it shortly.

  • Confirm the date of expiration of your status 

You should confirm the expiration date of your status. Earlier, CBP attached an I-94 paper on the traveler’s passport at the admission time. It contains all the details about your admission. But this no longer happens. Now, travelers can visit the official website of CBP to know their expiration dates. You can also check your travel history on the website. 

  • How to change or extend your status of admission in the USA?

People often apply for changing or extending their status of admission in the USA. USCIS does this job. When someone applies to extend their stay or change their status, USCIS issues a new I-94 paper. It replaces the one issued by CBP earlier and is a detachable document on the lower right-hand side of the 797A approval notice. You cannot see these changes on the CBP’s website. Therefore, you must keep a copy of any notices by USCIS. 

  • Correcting a mistake in the admission record 

The sooner you see an error, the sooner you will get it corrected. You must go to the right agency to address this issue. It is better to seek your attorney’s advice to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Visit a CBP deferred inspection site near you to correct any mistake by the border inspector. If USCIS commits any error during extension, apply to them. 

  • Correcting a mistake after the end of the admission period

People often panic about seeing a mistake in I-94 after the end of the admission period. Consult your attorney to get the best possible solution. You can resolve it within the USA, or you may have to leave and reapply for a visa. 

Summing it up Immigrants can unknowingly commit mistakes during their immigration to the USA. A tiny mistake can cause you massive harm. It is thus significant to take every step only after consulting your lawyers from Autrey Law Firm and make the entire process hustle-free.