Types of Lawyers

This is an era of specialization. We have specialists in every field, such as education, medicine, etc. The legal field also has its set of specialist attorneys!

Some legal experts specialize in specific types of laws. It is best to hire a specialist in the field when you need legal representation in a specific case.

It is relevant to have an idea about the different types of lawyers who can help you with different matters.

Here’s an overview of different types of attorneys:

  • Personal Injury Lawyers:

    These are lawyers who help the individual who is injured due to a reckless act of another claim compensation from the person responsible for it.

  • Criminal Lawyers:

    Criminal lawyers defend an individual accused of a criminal act. This type of lawyer has expertise in criminal law. He is proficient in all aspects of criminal law such as bail, arraignment, pleas, etc.

  • Family Lawyer:

    A family lawyer specializes in legal matters concerning divorce, prenuptial agreement, child custody, and any other legal matter involving families.

  • Worker’s Compensation Lawyer:

    If an individual is injured at the workplace or faces the death of a loved one due to an accident at the workplace, he is entitled to compensation. A worker’s compensation lawyer is an attorney who specializes in such matters. He can help the plaintiff assess the extent of the employer’s fault and the valid compensation for the same.

  • Civil Litigation Lawyer:

    You will need the help of a civil litigation lawyer if you need to someone or if you are being sued. There are civil litigation lawyers who specialize in specific types of civil laws.

  • Immigration Lawyer:

    An immigration lawyer can help you resolve issues such as visas, citizenship, green cards, asylum, etc.

  • Bankruptcy Lawyer:

    If you are considering bankruptcy proceedings, it is best to take the advice of a Bankruptcy Lawyer. He is knowledgeable about bankruptcy laws and can advise you on the eligibility and the type of bankruptcy best suited to your circumstances.

  • Estate Planning Lawyer:

    An estate planning lawyer has the expertise in drawing up wills and trusts. He can help you set up a trust to take care of the financial needs of your children.

  • Intellectual Property Lawyer:

    An intellectual property lawyer can guide an individual on matters such as copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other issues related to intellectual property.

  • Tax Lawyer:

    A tax lawyer has expertise in matters related to state, federal, and local tax laws. He guides his clients on specific tax issues he might face.

  • Employment Lawyers:

    Employment lawyers specialize in legal issues that arise from an employment contract or within an employment relationship. So, whether it is an employee seeking legal counsel against the organization or vice-versa, an employment lawyer is the best person to consult.

Besides these, there are many other types of specialist lawyers who can help you with different types of legal matters. The specialist lawyers have the experience of having represented clients in legal matters that pertain to a specific type of law.

Autrey Law Firm has seasoned lawyers who have the expertise in practicing different types of laws.