Types of Lawsuits

Very often, we find ourselves caught in such situations in life that leave us confused. For instance, if we meet with an accident and suffer injuries, we do not know what our rights are or how we should deal with the situation. This is just one of the many examples of difficult situations we may face in life. Fortunately, there are legal experts who can help us out of such stressful situations. There are attorneys who specialize in different types of laws and offer their clients the best representation in the most complex of cases.

However, it is important to approach the right lawyer for a specific type of case.

Let’s look at some of the common types of lawsuits where you might need an attorney:

    1. Criminal Cases

A criminal case is when an individual is accused of committing a crime. The crime could be assault, murder, identity theft, etc. The Criminal code of the country specifies crimes and their punishment. The innocence/guilt of the accused is decided based on the evidence presented by his lawyer.

In a criminal case, the government takes the case against the individual accused of the crime. The government is represented by prosecuting attorneys while the accused is represented by a defense lawyer.

    1. Civil Cases

Civil cases cover a wide variety of cases such as:

      • Cases involving disputes in inheritance: This type of case goes to court when the dispute for the inheritance of property cannot be settled between the different parties outside the court. The matter is presented before a judge and jury by lawyers of either party and the court gives the ruling in favor of one party based on the representation by their lawyers.
      • Issues in a contract: Disputes in contracts are very common. Such disputes could arise in employment contracts, between a tenant and a landlord, a buyer, and a seller. Contract related disputes can crop up in almost anyone’s life. Needless to say, the legal representation makes all the difference in the ruling awarded by the court.
      • Family issues such as divorce or custody of children:Divorce and custody cases have become quite common in today’s world. In case you face such a situation, you will need attorneys who specialize in divorce cases.
      • Personal injury:These cases occur when you suffer a physical injury due to the fault of someone else. In such cases, you are eligible to receive compensation from the party responsible for your condition. Personal injury lawyers represent you in such cases and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.
      • Civil responsibility cases: A civil responsibility case is one where an individual responsible for damage caused to another is required to compensate the person facing the damage. An example of such a case is when a patient sues a doctor for giving medication that causes side-effects that the patient has not been informed about.

In any such civil case, both parties are represented by attorneys hired by them.

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