Protect your Rights with Family Law Attorney in Fargo ND

In case you are thinking about getting divorced, there will be many things which will be required to consider. Like:

  • Who will have custody of the children?
  • Who will have possession of the house?
  • What type of spousal maintenance should be asked?

The above questions seem depressing and contemplative but this is the fact. That is why it is important to work with our experienced team of attorneys who can help and guide you through the above processes. Autrey Law has been helping people in Fargo ND such cases for more than 25 years.

Family law Attorneys at Fargo ND are dedicated to assisting their clients regarding divorce issues, child custody, alimony, and other cases related to divorce. Our experienced lawyers very well understand that marriage is a beautiful association but sometimes sit may turn out to be a harsh reality that is not easy to accept. Thus you can consult our Family Law Attorneys in Fargo ND for the following cases:

  • Lack of compatibility
  • Divorce by mutual consent
  • Adultery/ Infidelity
  • Fraud/ Misrepresentation
  • Conviction with an offense of immorality
  • Unreasonable desertion
  • abandonment
  • Impotence
  • Venereal disease
  • Presumption of death etc.

We know divorce or separation cases are not easy emotionally and are very difficult to handle. But our family Attorneys in Fargo ND are specialized in divorce cases. You can consult our attorneys for:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Name Change
  • Parenting Investigation
  • Guardianship
  • Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Visitation
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Support

We know it’s not an easy decision

Divorce the word in itself is enough to bring upheaval in anyone’s life and the process is too tough to handle. At times attorneys have to handle the clients emotionally as well. It can drain out anyone in totality. It may be mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. But our family attorneys in Fargo ND understand what their clients go through and handle them while dealing with such cases. They too bear-human heart and they will make the case easy for you by guiding and mentoring you.

Our Attorneys know with the breakage of a family many things break. Marriage is a legal contract between two couples to spend the rest of their life together. But as we know with the changing world many things are changing and it may lead to change in any life situation as well. Thus the separation between couples becomes a new norm The reason can be for example unnecessary conflicts, compatibility, or lack of trust. This leads to the separation and the breakage of the legal and pure bond of marriage.

Family Law Defense Attorneys Fargo ND:

Family law attorney defense attorneys in Fargo ND first give in their best that things should settle by mutual understanding and negotiations. They want separation to not take place. But when they find that relationship further is difficult they go for filing the divorce.

What happens in a divorce case?

A divorce case involves a number of issues like custody, division of property, fundamental rights, etc. Our dedicated family law attorneys will give their best to protect your rights and help you to get the alimony. Alimony is the financial support provided by a spouse to its dependent spouse so that the life should run smoothly. It also helps you in cases of child custody. Most of the time couples don’t want to get part of their children. In such cases, they have to file to gain custody. Thus family law attorneys at Fargo ND also deal with these issues. They also ensure financial support for the child.

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