Injuries Due to Lead Poisoning that Must be Compensated!

Lead poisoning is a hazardous disorder that can cause major sickness in children as well as developmental disabilities. Ingestion of lead paint particles or chips is the most common cause of lead poisoning. Before the hazardous effects of lead were well known, lead was frequently added to paint in an attempt to speed up the drying process. Ingestion of paint dust that has been sanded off walls has been demonstrated in recent research to cause damage. Exposure to lead in the workplace, particularly in industrial facilities, can result in lead poisoning. Lead may also contaminate drinking water and soil by seeping into the ground and groundwater.

At Autrey Law Firm, we believe that lead poisoning victims have the right to seek redress for their losses. If you or a loved one become ill as a result of avoidable lead poisoning, you may be eligible for compensation through a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Understanding Lead Poisoning

Everyone who comes into touch with or is exposed to lead is at risk of becoming poisoned. Even a single instance of exposure might cause developmental problems. Some people, however, are more susceptible to the hazards of lead poisoning.

1] Industrial Workers

People who work in industrial or construction-related sectors may be exposed to lead regularly and must be provided with complete protection to avoid poisoning. Automotive repair, house restorations, foundry, painting, welding, and other sectors are regarded as very dangerous.

2] Children

Lead poisoning is particularly dangerous for children under the age of six. Children absorb lead into their systems at a far higher pace than adults since their bodies are smaller and still developing. This indicates that the same amount of lead exposure in children will result in significantly greater levels of lead poisoning than in adults. Lead exposure causes major developmental difficulties in children, such as developmental delays, language delays, and mental retardation. Lead paint has a pleasant taste, which causes curious youngsters to put lead paint chips and lead paint dust in their mouths, worsening the problem.

3] Pregnant Women

When lead enters the body, it’s mistaken for a natural, beneficial mineral and is widely dispersed. As a result, lead will harm the baby in pregnant women, perhaps leading to a miscarriage. Calcium is required by both mothers and fetuses for bone growth and maintenance, as well as the proper functioning of muscles, neurons, and blood vessels. The majority of lead that is consumed ends up in the bones, where it prevents calcium absorption.

Only a blood test can accurately identify lead toxicity. If you feel your landlord neglected to tell you that your property had the lead, the Autrey Law Firm’s expert attorneys may be able to help you obtain full compensation for your medical bills, lost earnings, doctor’s visits, and other costs.