How to win an Employment Violation Case?

Many people face a poor work environment at some point in their careers. It could be due to office politics, emotional stress, or a more serious violation of rights. Forms of harassment in the workplace include sexual abuse, discrimination based on race, religion, age, or gender, refusing breaks, not paying overtime, and many others. Certain extremities are termination, demotion, and reduction of salary.

But you need not quit your job due to unfavorable conditions. You deserve the job, and those at fault should be punished. You can instead contact the Autrey law firm and file an employment violation case. 

How can you win an employment violation case?

You can win an employment violation case in the following ways.

  1. Contact Autrey law firm.

A lawyer can guide the path of making the case in your favor. You must remember that the employer will be confident dealing with a legal case and probably has better resources than you. It means that contacting a good law firm is very important. 

2.   Collecting proofs against the violator

  1. A formal complaint 

The first step in an employment violation case is making a complaint with the organization’s human resources department before filing a claim or protest. Filing a complaint allows the organization to address the issue and provides employees with a paper trail. 

It can be used as evidence if the organization needs to take appropriate steps to address illegal activity. If you go to court, the first question will be whether or not a formal complaint was made in the organization. So, this document makes your case stronger.

  • Emails

Emails are a common mode of communication within the workplace. The non-acceptable emails contain the following:

· Sexual harassment or reward for harassment by proposing a current or potential employee

· Managers threatening the employee who filed a complaint or took legal action in violation of labor laws

· Records of correspondence showing that employees worked overtime and were not paid for it

· Unaddressed Complaints to Human Resources 

· An unlawful termination

Legally, you should not save any email containing confidential information about your organization. However, if you believe any such email, text, or call recording can be proof, talk to Autrey law firm about the same.

If other witnesses are willing to testify on behalf of the employee, they may also submit evidence by email. It is important because managers can admit to another employee that they have violated labor laws but not to an employee who has filed a lawsuit against them. 

  • Witnesses from the office 

Workplace harassment has many forms. Verbal harassment is very common as it leaves no proof behind. If your employer has insulted you verbally or passed any sexual comments, collecting witness statements from your co-employees is important. A testimony will produce the best result for your case. 

Final Takeaway

Documentation of proof and collecting evidence is the only way to win an employment violation case. The biggest reason for such lawsuits’ failure is the employee’s inability to collect evidence. So, if you wish to win, document everything wrong said or done to you.