How to Address the Most Common Client Requests?

As they say, the customer is king, and in today’s era, you must be willing to serve your customers with the best service to excel in such a competitive world. Rendering good service is not the only thing to give to the customers, there is more to it. One needs to be responsive and solve the customer’s queries with the utmost efficacy.

If you are a new law firm willing to acquire new clients for your consultancy business, this is the article for you. In this post, we will discuss some most common questions asked by lawyers and how one should answer them to satisfy the customer.


Queries about fees are the most common question asked by renowned companies like Autrey law firm, which can make or break the deal. So the lawyers must answer this question diligently. Sometimes after hearing the word “fees,” lawyers start thinking that the client is frugal and willing to negotiate the cost. However, it is only accurate sometimes. It might be possible that the client is keen to work with a fixed budget or they have a fee structure in their mind. So, it is better not to start thinking of anyone as a frugal guy and give a diplomatic answer to their query.

Rather than getting annoyed with the question, ask the client what they have in their mind regarding the fees. Try to know what they want from you, and tell them what you can deliver. The prices should be decided mutually for better harmony later and should be such that it will not hurt either of your pockets.

Project management

Most clients love to get involved in the process. If they can get to know who is working on their file in the Autrey law firm will help you to make a personalized experience for your client. Sometimes, clients may add substantial value to the case, and to make them do this, you should make real-time progress accessible to them. Being part of the project management is the best way to make the client feel superior, and their recommendation can add more value to the case. It will eventually be a win-win situation for your firm and your client. 


When a client asks for transparency, it may be challenging initially because you might need to be more comfortable letting them know what is happening behind the curtains. But as we mentioned, involving the client is a win-win situation for both. One plausible reason for seeking transparency might be because of some dishonest practices from the previous client. If you can assure them transparency, you will likely crack the deal.

Final words These were some most common questions to ask professionals like Autrey law firm. Giving the correct answer can bring more clients to your firm. Remember, you should not compromise your firm’s privacy while providing transparency to the customers. So, always maintain the data and other clients’ information to please one person.