Family Law Criminal defense Attorneys


The word divorce seems simple, but one faces a lot of upheavals while going through the process. It drains out in totality mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. But our family law criminal defense attorneys understand what their clients go through while dealing with such cases. They have human hearts and they will make you sail through the case smoothly.

When a family breaks many things break. Marriage is a legal contract between two couples to stay together forever. But as we know the change is constant and it may lead to change in any life situation as well. This may lead to separation between couples as well. The reason can be any like harsh conditions, unnecessary conflicts, compatibility, or lack of trust. This leads to the break of the legal bond of marriage. And the couple moves into another bond of separation.


Family law criminal attorney defense attorney at Autrey first try their best that the things should settle with mutual understanding or separation should not take place. But when they find that reconciliation is difficult they go for filing of divorce and give their best to support the client. Under such scenario, they guide them so as to protect their rights.

What happens in a divorce case?

A divorce case solves tackles a number of issues like custody, division of property, or harassment. Lawyers protect the rights of the human and help them to get the alimony. Alimony is the amount paid by one spouse to another as financial support so that the life of the dependent spouse runs smoothly. It is also named as spousal support. It also helps you in cases of custody. Sometimes the couple has children and they don’t want to get part of them. In such cases they have to file for the custody of their child as well. Thus family law criminal defense attorneys also address these issues in finding out where the children will live. They also ensure that financial support for the children must also be provided to the parent who took custody of the child.


Family law criminal defense lawyers  Autrey law firm dedicatedly assist our clients regarding divorce issues, child custody, alimony, and other areas of divorce. Our experienced lawyers know well to plan strategies according to the particular need of the case.

They very well understand that marriage is a beautiful association but for some, it turns out to be a harsh reality. But our highly dedicated, skilled, and expert team of lawyers can be consulted for many issues like

– Lack of compatibility

– Divorce by mutual consent

– Adultery/ Infidelity

– Cruelty

– Fraud/ Misrepresentation

– Conviction with an offense of moral turpitude

– Unreasonable desertion/ abandonment

– Impotence

– Venereal disease

– Conversion to a different religion

– Renouncement of world and worldly desires.

– Presumption of death


  1. a) Contested or uncontested divorce

If a divorce case is uncontested it means both the parties agreed to dissolve the marriage on all issues legally without creating any trouble. In such cases, the court has very little role to play and the process is really fast plus cheap.

In case of a contested divorce, the court has to interfere so that both parties can reach an agreement. Such cases require mediation. A  neutral third party tries its best to help both the spouses communicate and solve their issues in a peaceful manner.

Fault or No-fault Divorce

When one spouse has alleged that the other spouse has done something wrong against the marriage then it can be called Fault Divorce. For eg: adultery, abandonment, or abuse.

But in no-fault case, the party just wants to dissolve the marriage without putting any blame on the opposite party.