Facts About Product Liability Charges you Must Know

Product liability litigation is a difficult field of law that necessitates an attorney with specialized legal knowledge, as well as a high degree of competency and ingenuity. Autrey Law Firm’s product liability defense attorneys have the experience necessary to handle these difficult situations. We have significant, proven legal experience as well as a network of specialists and investigators to build strong defense strategies in the face of product liability charges.

Types of Damages

1] Manufacturing Defects

A product with a manufacturing fault has flaws as a result of a mistake committed during the production process. As a result, the injury-causing product is distinct from all other items in the same line on the market. 

A manufacturing fault could involve, for example:

  • A coffee pot with a gap that allows hot liquid to spill out
  • A batch of cookies that has been contaminated
  • A light with a tangle of wires
  • a car built with inferior components

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2] Design Defects

A design fault is a problem in the way a product was designed and made. As a result, rather than affecting just one product, a design flaw impacts the entire range of items. 

Here are a few instances of design flaws:

  • An SUV type that is so top-heavy that it readily flips over.
  • When a lawnmower’s blade spins too rapidly, it detaches.
  • When users open the laptop, it gives them a jolt.

3] Failure to Warn

A products liability lawsuit based on a failure to warn differs from those based on faulty items. In general, items must have warnings if they pose risks that are not immediately apparent to the user or need extra caution while using them. 

The following are some instances of circumstances when there was a failure to warn:

  • When a form of adhesive comes into touch with human flesh, it produces severe chemical burns.
  • A drug that does not warn of potentially dangerous interactions with other medications.
  • When the range reaches a particular temperature, the stove’s knobs become extremely hot.

Proving the Liability

Product responsibility is predicated on strict liability, which means that the plaintiff must establish just the following when initiating a product liability claim:

  • The defendant was the product’s maker,
  • the product was faulty when it left the manufacturer’s control, and
  • the plaintiff’s damage was proximately caused by the product’s defective state.

It’s worth noting that, unlike other tort claims, this one doesn’t need a judgment of culpability. This is because in strict responsibility cases, the plaintiff just needs to establish that a tort happened and that the defendant was to blame.

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