Choose Wisely, Choose a Law Firm!

In choosing who to retain as legal counsel, clients may have trouble deciding whether to go with a law firm or an independent attorney. Before making that decision, it is important to know what they offer and what is in the client’s best interest. Firstly, it is important to note what is an area of law the client is seeking counsel for. While law firms provide a variety of legal services, they are also known for a certain kind of practice. It can range from family law to residential real estate laws. Law firms are likelier to be best suitable for corporate clients who need counsel for corporate legal issues such as mergers and acquisitions, commercial real estate, securities, etc.

Law firms have mass resources to hire the best legal talent in the country. So, the main selling point of a law firm is its legal expertise. They are also able to self-regulate to prevent other professionals do what they do. As law firms cannot be owned by non-lawyers, the main motive is not just to make money, but it is also to provide an ethical professional service in the best interests of their clients. Non-lawyers are not allowed to invest, manage, or even create an alternative business model that provides the same kind of services as law firms do.

Law firms are more stable than independent attorneys. Due to the size of the firm and its teams, the client’s case will always be prioritized, come what may. The professional business model of a law firm does not bend to the whims and fancies of individual people. This gives a sense of comfort and stability to the client. It assures them that their case will be taken care of. The incentive provided internally to attorneys ensures that they work hard to make the quota of billable hours, ensuring that the best legal minds are working long and hard on the client’s cases. Law firms also have people to take over the firm and lead different teams, in case of any adversities. Ownership is merit-based and does not depend on the will of a person. So, this de facto succession plan ensures the longevity and continuity of the business at the law firm.

Another advantage that law firms have over smaller independently practicing attorneys is the use of AI and technology in their methods of modern lawyering. Innovative technologies give law firms an unrivaled insight into the legal system. this data-driven knowledge allows lawyers from law firms to gauge the steps via machine learning and enhances negotiation strategies. It allows lawyers to analyze the data and statistics and take risks for their cases accordingly. For example, the data for the likelihood of a particular judge granting a motion on a certain case is analyzed to see which defense works best with the judge and helps attorneys to build their strategies accordingly. This kind of access to innovative technologies allows clients to receive some of the best legal counsel. It allows them to stay ahead of the curve and use technology for their benefit. Law firms are modern lawyering at their best, and every client deserves only the best.

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