Best Child Support Attorney and Lawyer in ND

Autrey Law Firm has been widely applauded for the tremendous job we are doing at handling family-related issues. Our exceptional family law services cover virtually every aspect of family relations like adoptions, change of names, guardianship, parenting, and even name change.

Other reasons why you should hire a competent family lawyer include divorce, child support and custody: visitation, spousal support, among others. Our family lawyers in Grand Forks are on standby to represent you at family court Proceedings as well of following up on negotiations and drafting agreements and filing necessary paperwork.

It’s also our duty to ensure that your family members are duly represented and protected during court proceedings. Outside the home, we also deal with partnerships and prenuptial agreements.

Having gone through court and judgment has been passed, it’s not unusual to see some couples violating the terms and conditions based on which the rulings were made. This is a crucial situation where the services of family lawyers in North Dakota (ND) is required.

When court orders are neglected or violated, our lawyers in Grand Forks ND are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the defaulting party is cautioned and made to perform his or her responsibilities in accordance with court rulings.

Also, while handling child support cases, we ensure that the child or children are not marginalized. It’s our obligation to ensure that the children enjoy maximum support as they would if both parents hadn’t separated.

We are aware of the fact that some parents may want to pull a smart one by trying to hide their income or under-declare certain information that is required by the court to decide on the sharing formula for child & spousal support.

We undertake a comprehensive investigation to help establish facts and support your case in court. We will go through outcomes of every proceeding to ensure that no error was made and every computation is correct.

You can rely on our specialist lawyers in Grand Forks ND to get you the best settlements and deals on divorce and child custody cases. We understand how court proceedings play out in child custody cases within the court’s jurisdiction.

We will give you insights on what the law says and help you form decisions and realistic expectations as your case are heard in court.