Autrey Law Firm – Your Most Trusted Legal Partner!

Autrey law firm is one of the most prestigious organizations serving arrays of clients all across the Grand Forks. All our attorneys deliver proven results and quality representation of the client cases. We are one of the esteemed oldest law practicing firms with more than 30 experienced lawyers in various practices like criminal law, estate and elder law, civil law, bankruptcy, family law, personal injury law, immigration law, military law, and many more. We deliver unrivaled services and knowledge to our clients.

Values of our reputed Law Firm

Autrey law firm represents the core values which are as follows.

  • Knowledge: All our lawyers’ depth of knowledge covers an average of 27 years of practice experience. Anyone can trust our organization to tackle their individual, business, or family legal complexities.
  • Efficiency: The reputation and reliability of our law firm are known for its calculated and strategic approaches. It solves the cases that differentiate us from the other legal enterprises.
  • Courageous: We represent our clients in various legal cases. The creativity of our team delivers the best and winning solution for their authorized issues.
  • Experience: Our long-standing reputation and history stand long back to 2000 in the local communities.

Different Types of Legal Services offered by Autrey law firm

Below are the lists of the services offered by Autrey Law Firm.

  • Criminal Law: Whether the person gets charged with a misdemeanor or felony, the experienced criminal lawyers of our firm will advise you with the defense alternatives, protect your legal reputation and rights, and counsel the client throughout the legal process. We also offer pre-charged investigations, defense during the trial, and acquiring post-conviction relief.
  • Personal Injury Law: At Autrey law firm, we concentrate on assisting injured victims, and their relatives or families put their lives back together after the accident. We pursue wrongful death, and personal injury claims to get complete compensation for the wounds or damages like medical expenses, property damage, suffering, and pain, lost earnings, and many more. We include a proven track record of success in obtaining settlements in various motorcycle accidents and truck and car crashes.
  • Immigration Law: Our organization can help to support any employee of a company for supporting the immigration requirements. We provide various services like assistance in employer compliance, US immigration, visa petitions, naturalizations, and citizenship, and the list goes on. We attain immigration advantages through time and strategic planning preparation of the client cases.
  • Bankruptcy: The collection and bankruptcy services of Autrey law firm offers comprehensive solutions to the clients. We represent our clients in cases like reorganization and liquidation of the bankruptcy proceedings, delivery and claim proceedings, disputes for secured creditor priority, conversion claims, and more. Our attorneys include immense knowledge and experience in agricultural and commercial credit litigation and transactions. We defend and prosecute the claims in all Federal and State courts of all levels.

So if you are also experiencing some legal issues or want to file any claim against anyone, connect with us for superior legal services by submitting the form or calling us.