Attorney for your Business

Employers may confront a variety of legal issues and hurdles when running their businesses, ranging from discrimination complaints to wage disputes to wrongful termination lawsuits. Because errors and misunderstandings about legal rights and duties may deplete a company’s time and resources, consulting with an attorney early on is critical. The expenses of escalating problems to official claims and litigation rise significantly.

Finding the Right Lawyer

It’s probably never been simpler to find an attorney thanks to marketing on television, billboards, newspaper ads, and Web-based resources. However, choosing the correct employment law attorney can be difficult. Employer-side employment lawyers are more common than worker-side attorneys, so be sure you’re picking one who works for employers.

Referrals. Old-fashioned word-of-mouth is still the greatest method to discover a competent lawyer. Inquire of other company owners in your neighborhood for references. Have they ever experienced a legal problem like yours? How did their lawyers assist them in resolving the problem? Inquire whether the lawyer offered regular updates on the case’s progress and if the lawyer and support personnel were reasonably available to answer queries. Other professions, such as your accountant, banker, insurance agent, or real estate broker, may be able to provide you with legal references. Finally, if you have a good working connection with an attorney who operates in a different profession, ask for a reference. Even if it’s in a different practice area, skilled attorneys can identify outstanding lawyering when they encounter it.

Directory. Online directories/websites are another fantastic places to look for an attorney in your region. You may look for lawyers by practice area and region, as well as read reviews from other lawyers and clients. You’ll also discover links to legal firm websites, from which you can learn more about each firm and its areas of specialization.

Associating with bars. State bar associations can also recommend people to employment lawyers, but they don’t give any information about the attorneys’ qualifications or experience. As a final resort, choose this option.


Most attorneys provide a free first meeting during which you may discuss your legal concerns and determine whether the counsel is the proper fit for the job. Treat your first meeting with an attorney as if it were a job interview because it is. If the lawyer says he specializes in employment law, inquire about some of the cases he’s worked on. Describe the legal problem you’re having during your initial meeting. Inquire about the applicable law and future possibilities with the attorney. Find a new lawyer if your current one can’t explain the legal concerns in your case in plain English.

Once you’ve found the correct lawyer for you, make sure the scope of representation is specified in the contract between you and your lawyer.

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