Attorney Criminal Defence in North Dakota

Autrey law firm has expertise in federal, state, and municipal cases in North Dakota and Minnesota. Our team of experts will fight hard so as to protect your rights. They are well equipped to build a strong defense. Contact us without any hesitation so as to make your life stress free.

The various kinds of criminal laws are

  • Criminal Cases
  • Assault
  • Molestation
  • Court Marshall
  • Drug charges
  • Juvenile Defense
  • Sex Crimes
  • Felonies
  • Homicide
  • Theft and the list are long


As we all know DUI charges can have serious effects on our life. One can be behind the bars, may face heavy fines which depend on the DUI convictions you have in your record.

Minnesota and North Dakota have tough penalities for a drunk driving zero-tolerance policy for underage DUI. Thus our firm has the best Criminal Defense Attorneys who are dedicated to giving the right solution to you and will give personal attention to your case.

Attorneys Criminal Defense at our firm are skilled enough to reduce the severity of the charges or can also prevent you from charges to go on your side.

Defend you in the cases of assault:

These days you can be charged with assault cases just for a small reason as well like a misunderstanding or heated emotion. However, even such small charges can negatively impact your future. At Autrey Law Firm our attorneys have the experience to handle all the kinds of assault charges that may be big as committing or attempting to commit an act of violence against an officer of the law or a corrections officer or as mentioned above. You just have to maintain transparency and all your and they will provide you the best solution.

They can handle:

Aggravated Assault

Domestic Assault

Battery and Assault

Terrorizing threats


Disorderly Conduct

In Minnesota and North Dakota, you can be charged from a misdemeanour to a felony in an. If you are convicted of a felony assault charge, you will be prevented from owning a gun, even a hunting rifle. It may also affect your ability to cross the border into Canada.

Thus Criminal Defense attorneys at the firm is who would not settle in an expedient way but will provide what is pre-eminent for you.


In case you have been charged with the intent to sell marijuana or any kind of uncontrolled substance methamphetamines, you need an expert and skilled attorney. We defend individuals we have been charged

Drug possession

Drug trafficking

Drug distribution

Drug transportation

Drug manufacture

Drug laundering

Sell or Sale of drugs

Even if you are involved in the case of many other illegal substances, like cocaine, crack, heroin, methamphetamines, hallucinogens, and prescription drugs, the Attorney Criminal Defence of Autrey law firm is there to defend your case.


Theft is serious whether it is shoplifting a candy or stealing any precious item. Authorities will leave no stone unturned to turn down on you. The penalities imposed in you depend on the particular article you embezzled. In such a case you definitely need an experienced Attorney for Defense Crime so as to defend your rights.

Defense Crime Attorneys at Autrey Law firm will go for a thorough investigation of the case, even all the evidence that corps have against you. They will provide you with all the possible options. Our attorneys are experienced. Even in case of severe charges against you, they will burn the midnight oil to defend you in the best possible way.

Theft Charges Includes:



Shop Lifting


Stolen Property

All these cases are effectively handled by our experienced and well-versed Attorneys. Whether you did it by mistake or you have been falsely accused our attorneys will go to any extent so to protect your rights and freedom. We are a client focussed firm and our attorneys fully dedicate themselves to find the best solution for you.