A Few Things You Need to Know About Law Firms

Law firms, simply put, are businesses that are related to matters of a legal nature. Law firms usually comprise a group of lawyers. It is the job of these lawyers to help you with any legal issue you may be facing, whether someone has filed a lawsuit against you, or whether you wish to file a lawsuit against some other person or entity. As a client, you will receive advice about your legal rights and personal responsibilities from lawyers at law firms.

What are the different types of law firms?

Law firms can be of various types.

  1. By the Type of Business

    This can in terms of the type of business it is. A law firm could be registered as a business under- a single proprietorship, general partnership, professional corporation, limited liability company, professional association, or a limited liability partnership. Each business type is regulated by different rules and regulations which dictate the relationship between the lawyer and firm, the responsibilities that come with it.

  2. By the Size of the Firm

    The size of a law firm plays an important role in how your case is handled, and what it will cost you. Small law firms usually have 2 – 10 lawyers on their staff. Smaller firms allow for more personalized interaction between you and the lawyer assigned to your case. You will be able to talk to your lawyer directly, rather than going through assistants and paralegals. Smaller firms also have lower overheads; therefore the cost will be considerably less.

    Large firms usually have an extremely large number of employees and provide services at many locations, often across the country or world. They tend to handle legal problems that are large and complex. The lawyers at such firms usually have a great deal of expertise. They also have access to a greater number of resources and connections. However, because they are so large and reputed, the business structure at these firms can be bureaucratic. To add to this, lawyers at these firms are difficult to contact directly. As a result of their size and resources, these firms tend to have larger overheads and therefore are quite costly to hire.

  3. By the Kinds of Cases Handled

    There are many different types of cases that fall under the bracket of legal issues. Therefore law firms may specialize in one particular area of law, this could be in terms of criminal or civil law, or any subdivision under these. This means that the lawyers employed at these firms will also hold the knowledge and experience particular to that area.

How to Choose a Good Law Firm?

Different lawyers from different types of firms will have different expertise and different ways of working. You should pick a law firm based on what you need for your case. The most important thing is to do your research and ask for referrals, making sure that the law firm you choose is the right fit for you.