13 Types of Lawyers who can Help you in Legal Matters

The legal system in the United States of America is quite complex. There are several fields of law and specialist lawyers for each field. 

So, if you are looking for a legal expert, make sure you choose the right one for your purpose!

Let’s take a look at some of the common types of lawyers who can help you in various legal matters:

1.Personal Injury Lawyer: A personal injury lawyer can help you claim adequate compensation in case you are the victim of an injury caused by the negligence of another.

2. Criminal Defense Lawyer: A criminal lawyer defends clients in case they face criminal charges. A criminal lawyer gathers the evidence and brings witnesses to defend the client. He argues the case against the public prosecutor to defend the client. Within criminal law, there are separate laws for specific types of crimes such as murder, theft, kidnapping, and more.

3. Bankruptcy Lawyers: These lawyers help clients regarding when and how to declare bankruptcy. They are knowledgeable about bankruptcy laws and ensure that their clients adhere to these laws.

4. Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer: Intellectual property rights lawyers help clients to protect their ownership of their creations/inventions. These lawyers are knowledgeable about patent laws, copyright laws, and more. They help their clients prevent infringement and guide them on how to fight their case in case of infringement.

5. Family Lawyer: Family lawyers represent their clients in legal matters such as divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreement, spousal support issues, and more.

6. Estate Planning Lawyers: These lawyers specialize in framing wills and trusts and help their clients in all aspects of transferring property to their heirs.

7. Contract Lawyers: Contract lawyers help clients draw contracts and protect their rights in case of contract disputes.

8. Business Lawyers: Setting up and running a business in the US entails conforming to several laws. Having a business lawyer by your side ensures that all your business-related activities adhere to the business laws.

9. Immigration Lawyers: The number of migrants into the US is constantly increasing. There are specific laws pertaining to immigration in the US. An immigration lawyer helps migrants understand these laws, and complete the required documentation to apply for the relevant migrant status.

10. Corporate Lawyers: Running a corporation requires you to adhere to corporate laws in the US. A corporate lawyer helps clients in matters of setting up the corporate, compliance with corporate laws, etc.

12. Tax Lawyer: The US has a complex tax system with the federal, state, and local tax laws all coming into play. If you do not comply with the laws you can get into trouble with the IRS. A tax lawyer helps you navigate these laws and ensure that you file your taxes correctly and on time.

13. Worker’s Compensation Lawyer: These lawyers help their clients who may face injuries at the workplace or disease due to occupational hazards. A worker’s compensation lawyer helps the client navigate such cases by establishing the employer’s fault and claiming adequate compensation.

These are some of the specialist lawyers you will find at Autrey Law Firm. Besides these, there are several other types of lawyers who are experts in their fields. Connect with our lawyers to help you will different legal matters.